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  • About Careful Carriers – 30 years of personalised service.

    Careful Carriers is a company true to its name. Our key to success is the trust of long standing client relations and the highest regard for service excellence. For over 30 years CAREFUL CARRIERS have been the industry leaders in fragile load shipping. With our expansive network of depots and warehousing facilities, specialised fleet of trucks, and team of fleet controllers we are uniquely positioned to not only provide the best possible service in terms of load integrity and delivery but also in terms of a total personalized logistics solution. We partner with manufacturers from many fields to not only transport their products to their customers, but also to store and manage their stock at our central warehousing facilities. For us...
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  • Our Value Proposition

    1. Customer Care and Confidence – a dedicated ops centre. Careful Carriers’ reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty on every load underpins every load. Our ops centre manages and coordinates every load across our fleet to ensure a common touch point and consistently good customer service from knowledgeable team members and account managers. 2. Your Load Rides On Air – Air Suspension Trucks and Trailers. Careful Carriers’ trucks and trailers are designed to provide support for specialized freight such as manufactured goods. Our trucks give fragile loads the care they deserve. 3. Total Solution Specialists – Careful Carriers Owned and Managed Warehouses. Few logistics companies can offer a dedicated service from point of manufacture to point of...
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Vision & Mission


to be the preferred road carrier of all fragile goods and one of the leading logistics companies in South Africa and to continuously exceed our customers’ increasing expectations.

At CAREFUL CARRIERS Our Mission is to:

  • Transport the widest variety of fragile/sensitive quality goods for our valued customers;
  • Provide all our customers with professional advice, dedicated service and tailor made solutions for their requirements;
  • Radiate pride and passion in our company and confidence in each other;
  • Build lasting relationships with our valued customers;
  • Live in excellence every day.



CAREFUL CARRIERS’ fleet is designed to be flexible enabling us to provide a cost effective and flexible transport solution to suit our Clients’ requirements. Since our inception, CAREFUL CARRIERS has specialised in servicing the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries, and our vehicles are purpose built to suit the industry with features such as:

  • Industry specific deck lengths of vehicles
  • Volume based vehicle specifications
  • Soft air-suspensions
  • Hydraulic tail lifts for offloading, alleviating fork lift requirements
  • Low deck heights for ease of offloading and abnormal height loads
  • Innovative “Double Decker” trailers for cost effective deliveries
  • An in-house maintenance workshop to maintain strict service schedules.
  • All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking for maximum vehicle and product protection

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At CAREFUL CARRIERS we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best personal service possible as we strive to be one of the leading logistics companies in South Africa. From the management to individual drivers we are all committed to treating your products or cargo with the utmost care and give you peace of mind concerning the transportation of your goods. Every single shipment is assigned to a dedicated operator who takes personal responsibility for planning each trip and making sure that all deliveries are accounted for and reach their destinations on time and intact – from loading to delivery. It is this ethos of personalise service that sets CAREFUL CARRIERS apart. To us it’s all about building long-term lasting relationships with our clients.



CAREFUL CARRIERS’ drivers are of an exceptionally high standard many of who have been with us for more than 20 years. They are not motivated by or monitored on the kilometers that are driven per month, but by the quality of the deliveries achieved. Some examples of the quality standards that CAREFUL CARRIERS observe are:

  • To mitigate against fatigue, driver kilometers are limited to well below the recognised standard in the transport industry, per month.
  • Strict guidelines are observed regarding the maximum number of hours that the driver is behind the wheel before resting.
  • Trips are meticulously planned to allow drivers ample time to reach a destination ensuring punctuality and avoiding the need to rush.
  • All drivers carry cell phones ensuring constant contact with our head office to fine tune delivery arrangements.
  • All vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking for maximum vehicle and product protection.

what we offer


Fragile Shipping

CAREFUL CARRIERS are specialists in the area of fragile shipping. For over 30 years this has been our core business focus with a fleet of specialised vehicles designed to suit sensitive and fragile loads.



CAREFUL CARRIERS offers a complete volume-based abnormal load solution. We will handle all necessary permits on your behalf including cross-border abnormals where required. 



Our facilities are located across the country and are operated by trained employees who provide a comprehensive warehousing solution including container off-loading and packing, stock control, asset management and reporting.


Logistics Partner

From manufacture to point of delivery according to Client specifications. CAREFUL CARRIERS offer a total transport solution including countrywide delivery, offloading, warehousing, as well as stock and asset management expertise. CAREFUL CARRIERS identifies itself as a logistical partner providing a cost effective solution to both large and small businesses.



As part of our services we offer shared or part loads between major centres depending on availability. Dedicated (full loads), whether a one-ton LDV or a full 22 meter link – loads are planned to suit customers’ requirements on demand. This includes loads to and from any destination in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland.



CAREFUL CARRIERS offer stock control and asset management services at our Lanseria, Pinetown and Cape Town depots incorporating receiving, dispatch functions and weekly stock reports.