Supermarket And Retail

CAREFUL CARRIERS is the first-choice for many large supermarket and retail chains when it comes to delivering new equipment. Often these are sensitive pieces of equipment or other fragile loads that require extra care. With our specialised fleet fitted with air-suspension and other unique innovations we make 100% sure that your equipment arrives intact. Once on-site we also offer offloading services with our crane or tail-lift fitted trucks. With our dedicated site-crews we will even place your equipment at previously demarcated areas ready for installation by your technicians. Examples of the type of deliveries we do include:

  • Display Fridges
  • Supermarket Trolleys
  • Supermarket Shelving
  • Shopfitting – check out points, bulkheads, etc
  • Self Contained Refrigeration Units
  • Under-Bar Fridges
  • Cookers
  • Food Preparation Appliances

Refrigeration Equipment