Abnormal Loads

CAREFUL CARRIERS offer a complete volume-based abnormal loads solution. Our vehicles are fitted with lower than normal trailer decks often reducing the need for abnormal load permits. However if necessary we will obtain any abnormal loads permits on your behalf (including cross-border abnormals) and arrange for escorts as required by individual province/country’s regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have an abnormal load?

A load would be categorized as “abnormal” if it exceeds 2.6m in width, 4.3m in loaded height from the ground or if (along with the length of the truck) it exceeds 22m in length.

Are there restrictions on when an abnormal load can be transported?

Yes, abnormal loads may only be transported between sunrise and sunset and are prohibited on weekends, public holidays and many school holidays – please contact our office for a complete list of embargo days. Abnormal Load